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We’ve had a few comments and emails about Roamz and how we use personal data within our app, so we thought it would be beneficial to everyone if we outlined how our app works from a data and privacy point of view.

When you sign up for an account

There are two options when you sign up for a Roamz account: an option for what we call an “old school” login which requires an email address and password and an option to register an account using Facebook Connect.

Old school login: we ask for your email address and a password so that we can contact you about your account if necessary and send you important information about updates and services. We don’t use it for anything other than maintaining your account, and we won’t ever share it with third parties. We also ask you whether you would like to receive notifications about comments on your posts via email in the settings pages. If you don’t wish to receive these notifications, you are free to turn this setting off (or on) at anytime.

As part of the signup process, we also collect your first and last name, which is never displayed to the public - in your profile it will default to a First name, Last Initial format, but you can change your display name to whatever you would like.

Facebook Connect: By using Facebook Connect to sign up for an account, we ask for access to things like your name, your email address and permission to post to your wall. The data we access from your Facebook account relates to past check-ins and posts to help us to better understand the things you might like around you. It is important to note that we never post to your profile without your explicit consent. You can revoke our access to your Facebook account at anytime through either Facebook or Roamz.

The difference between the two: It really comes down to personal preference. If you’re comfortably using other apps and services with Facebook Connect, rest assured that your data is not used maliciously, and that we will only post to your Facebook timeline when you want us to do so. If you’d prefer to sign up with an email address and password, that’s fine too; you can use Roamz without ever connecting any of your social accounts and your login information will only be used when you are accessing your Roamz account or when we contact you, based on the permissions you have given us.

Why you need an account

At the moment, you need to sign in to view nearby content and interact within the Roamz community. The main reason we ask users to sign up is so that we can show users content that is relevant to them (which is the main goal of Roamz). There is so much noise on social media that without an understanding of the types of places you might like it is difficult for us to give users a great experience.

Connecting additional social networks

Roamz gets smarter the more you use it, but also when you give it access to your past activities. You can hook up your Foursquare, Twitter and previously mentioned Facebook accounts and we’ll analyse the data you’ve shared on those networks in the past to give you more relevant results.

When you connect additional social accounts, it means you can also post to those networks from the Roamz interface. When adding content, you can check and uncheck the social buttons at the bottom of the screen and it will share that out to whatever channels you nominate - so it will post as a link to Facebook and Twitter, and check you in, add a comment and/or a picture on Foursquare. Or you can always just share posts within the Roamz app if you’d prefer. It’s up to you.

Why can’t I add Instagram, too?

Currently we can only show users Instagram content in Nearby results and we aren’t able to post content back to Instagram. We’ll be sure to let you know if this ever changes - we really love their service too!

Can I be anonymous?

Sure. Sign up with an email address (which is never displayed or shared with anyone) and a password and you can set your picture and display name to whatever you’d like. You can also just use the app passively and never post content, like content or dislike venues.

Roamz Community rules

Be nice to each other: Let’s keep the Roamz community a fun place to be. There’s no reason for nastiness or bullying, and anyone found doing so may  have their account suspended or removed.

Keep it clean: If you post inappropriate, offensive or malicious content, or your profile is considered inappropriate we may suspend or remove your account.

See something you don’t agree with? If you see content that is offensive, abusive, or that infringes on copyright, use the little flag at the bottom of the content to report it - we’ll follow it up.

What you see in the “Nearby” feed

Whenever you launch the Roamz app, on the initial load you’ll see the nearby feed which is populated with content about the places around you. We only use data that is made publicly available from channels like Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter - meaning that the people who originally gave permission on those networks to share it with anyone who wanted to see it.

This means that sometimes you’ll see content from people you know, and sometimes from people you don’t. We don’t display content from private profiles. Content that you see on the nearby feed is content that has been identified as something that may be relevant to you as a user, based on what we know about you.

How we learn about the things you like

As you interact with the app, we use the content, places and activities you interact with to try and figure out the things you’re going to be interested in. As you use it over time, we eventually might know that you prefer Northern Italian food versus Southern, or that you like coffee in the morning but not after 3pm. This will mean that we’ll filter nearby places which would be irrelevant for you, giving you a more personalised experience through intelligent curation of social content. Like we said earlier, we also use anything else you give us permission to use to learn about you, but only if and when you choose to do so.

Deleting your account

You can send an email to support[AT] with the subject line “Delete my account”. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we will delete your account and information from public view. If you wish to have your content deleted also, please let us know. For more information on this, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of service.

If you have any other questions or concerns

Our full privacy policy is available for review here. Alternatively, you can always send us an email and we’ll address any questions you have.


Hope this helps!

-Heather & the Roamz team

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